Welcome aboard, please read the forum rules

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Welcome aboard, please read the forum rules

Post by Lee on Thu Jul 01, 2010 9:20 pm

Agreement to terms.
Any use of this forum shall be in accordance with these Terms of service. In using this Forum, you have agreed to be bound by them. Tyne and Wear bus preservation reserves the right to make changes to the terms without notice and it is your responsibility to determine such changes. Continued use of this forum shall be seen as acceptance of any changes to these terms so therefore we suggest you visit the rules section regularly.
1) Victimisation, abuse of others and arguing which includes publishing, distributing, circulating or otherwise propagating any material, which may be seen as abusive, offensive, anti-social, racist, sexist, distressing, harmful, be it of a threatening nature or be it of a general nuisance is not acceptable such behaviour will only award the offender a warning or a complete ban from our boards!
2) Any messages, private or otherwise found to insult discredit or bring disrepute to a moderator will be removed and the offender banned.
3)Members posting with the intention of provoking other users into an emotional response, or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion will be banned from the boards.
4) Members posting useful topics in the forums are to be encouraged. Anyone found to be complaining about a topic being posted simply because they have seen it already are liable to receive warnings via private message. If you have seen it before move on, others may have not and likely never will if people keep complaining and trying to make people feel bad for posting.
5) Its important for us to keep a community atmosphere of a fun and banterous nature. We feel it would be inappropriate to ban all swearing completely due to it being a generally accepted part of the English language but please do NOT use swear words in the title of a Topic.
6) When posting in the for sale section all topics must have a good, clear description of the goods for sale and a base price. Photos are also allowed and will help to sell an item. Listing items with no price will not be tolerated and the post removed without warning.
7) Text Talk is not allowed anywhere on this forum. This is not a "boyracer" car cruise forum so please don't make it look like one!
It's down to individual staff members to decide whether repeat offenders will receive warnings or bans.

Tyne and Wear bus preservation accepts no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any loss, disruption or damage to your personal data or PC when using this forum.
Further more Tyne and Wear bus preservation is not responsible for any material be it photographs, videos or links to other websites placed on our boards by individual members and therefore not liable for any copyright infringements that may occur from members posting photographs.
It is solely down to the member to make sure they have permission or that they own the rights to post such material.

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