Please read these rules before posting in here!

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Please read these rules before posting in here!

Post by Lee on Thu Jul 01, 2010 9:28 pm

Tyne and Wear bus preservation will accept no responsibility for any sales or deals done on this Forum. All transactions are private between the buyer and seller.
1) Signing up to this site just to advertise items/ buses/ cars etc will not be tolerated. This section should be seen as a privilege as its free to use to all member's except those who decide they only want to advertise there junk for free.
2) All items for sale must have a price if not they will deleted without any warning.
3) Please give some sort of contact details either your email or mobile if you are rarely on line for people to contact you.
4) Pictures of the your items for sale are worth posting so try and post them with your advert when possible.
5) If your not interested in buying the item, please don't post! This could be seen as spamming and will not be tolerated.
6) When items are sold, please post sold as a reply. The thread will then be locked. If the item is no longer for sale, please notify a member of staff to either lock or delete the post.

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